The Ultimate Muscle Supplement Guide

The best muscle building supplements should never substitute a healthy diet and a consistent strength training program. This should always be your foundation for muscle growth, strength and stamina.
If you haven’t already got a solid muscle building workout routine, diet in place and dianabol tablets, check out our guide for ideas to get you started.
However, supplements do have there place.
If you’re desire is to get ripped and shredded like Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds you need to step it up a level. Thatstep up a heck of a lot easier and faster by investing in good quality supplements.

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Even if they’re top quality, body building supplements can never replace or substitute a solid training program and a healthy clean diet. You need to have these two components in place first before you even consider taking muscle building pills.
The demand for effective building muscle supplements has grown rapidly over the last 10 years resulting in huge amount products flooding the market.
In addition to supplements for muscle gain, you’ve also got fat burners, whey protein powders, protein isolate shakes, testosterone boosters, creatine monohydrate powder and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s).
But, there’s more.​

There are pre-workout and pro-workout supplements, protein bars, energy bars, fish oil, and, not to mention, the infamous bodybuilding steroids. Its enough to make your head spin!
The huge choice of bodybuilding products can be confusing and intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. Also, many supplements are ineffective and a waste of your money. So, where do you start?
The following guide will help you understand bodybuilding supplements better so you can make a more informed choice.
Before we get into that, lets briefly talk about anabolic steroids.

Anabolic Steroid Side Effects
In the past, steroid use in the world of bodybuilding was epidemic because they worked. They accelerate muscle growth, increase strength and prolong endurance levels.
​But they come with major downsides. Steroids are addictive, toxic and their long term use can wreck havoc on your health.

Our advice is to is stay clear of illegal steroids and prohormones. The fast muscle gains come with manyunhealthy side effects….
* enlarged prostrates
* liver and kidney damage
* hair loss and hair growing where it shouldn’t be
* Male breasts
* roid rage
* depression
If these don’t scare you the video below of former New Zealand bodybuilder Justin Rys explaining his physical and emotional damage at the hands of anabolic steroids should.

There’s A Better Way
Fortunately, more bodybuilders and athletes are getting smart by using anabolic steroid alternatives. These supplements are safer and equally effective for increasing muscle mass, strength and stamina.
Instead of chemicals, safe anabolic alternatives use 100% natural ingredients, so there are no side effects . They’re also formulated to mimic the anabolic properties of the most powerful steroids
Our muscle building guide will help you understand what really works, whether you want to gain bulk or lose fat to reveal a leaner, stronger body.

Best Bulking Supplements
A quality muscle gaining supplement should rapidly increase muscle mass while prolonging stamina and delaying fatigue.
In the past, many bodybuilders relied on Anadrol – an anabolic steroid – containing Oxymetholone to bulk up. The steroid was originally prescribed to increase muscle growth in malnourished patients.
Although highly effective, Anadrol caused numerous side effects ranging from nausea to cirrhosis of the liver.

A-Drol (Anadroll)
« A-Drol (Anadroll) is a safe and legal alternative that mimics the muscle growth qualities of Oxymetholone, but without the nasty side effects. »
In fact, A-Drol contains a natural anabolic formula that increases mass and strength by improving your body’s muscle protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.
Its also formulated to boost your workout performance by increasing the body’s red cell production. This has the effect of increasing the rate of oxygen to your muscles cells.
Not only is Anadroll a top muscle building supplement that can be taken on its own, its anabolic formula is powerful enough to be used as part of an effective muscle building stack.
For greater pumps and rapid muscle gains A-Drol is the smart choice. To learn more read our indepth review on Anadrol 50.

Dianabol or methandienone is the original steroid and the most popular choice among the top bodybuilders, weight lifters and athletes.
​This steroids popularity was due to the fact that it was highly effective at rapidly increasing muscle mass and is mainly used to kick-start a bulking cycle.
As a bulking steroid, Dianabol would produce ‘wet’gains which would give you the a big puffy appearance.
​Although not as toxic as other anabolics, Dianabol has its fair share of side effects. To learn more about these side effects and a safer alternative – click here.

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Nitric oxide (NO) is a chemical molecule produced by the human body. The molecule is a powerful and natural vasodilator which means it increases blood to the cells by relaxing the blood vessels.
So, how can NO make you bigger.
Although it doesn’t have any anabolic properties the increased blood flow boosts energy and endurance levels enabling you to train harder for longer.
Furthermore, the extra oxygen supply to flagging muscles delays fatigue and results in faster recovery times.
As their name suggests, Nitric Oxide boosters increase the amount of NO in the body for even greater mass gains.
To learn more about NO boosters click here. ​

Whey Protein​
​Protein is the most important nutrient for building muscle and should be the basis of any muscle building diet. The best source is whey protein because its considered to have the highest concentration of branched chained amino acids (BCAA’s).
BCAA’s comprise of the 3 amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. These 3 amino acids are like fuel of the muscles enabling you to power through workouts. They’re also crucial for muscle fiber repair.
BCAA’s anti-cabolic properties help to preserve the muscle you already have. This is important for cutting cycles as reducing body fat can increase the risk of muscle loss.​
The most popular way to take whey protein is in powder form. There are many varieties on the market and they’re available in several delicious flavors.
To learn more about whey protein powders click here.

​Testosterone Boosters
​Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is essential for many bodily functions, especially muscle growth. Levels of testosterone in men peak around the ages of 25 and then start to decline.
Many external and environmental factors from poor diet, lack of sleep, pollution and stress can lower testosterone levels in men.
With low T levels you will find it harder to build bigger muscles or have enough energy or motivation to train. Low T can be detrimental.
Living a healthier lifestyle, reducing stress, getting more sleep can all help to increase levels. There are also supplements containing natural ingredients with properties to help stimulate the body to produce more testosterone.
To learn more about testosterone boosters and how they can help click here.​

​Fish Oil
​Good old fish has many health benefits and can also help you build muscle. New research shows that fish oil containing the omega 3 EPA and DHA can help promote protein synthesis
Its also believed that fish oil can lower the rate of protein proteolysis. This is the process were muscle size is reduced by the body breaking down muscle proteins.
Fish oil can also reduce the release of cortisol a hormone that can inhibit the release of testosterone.​
Best Supplements To Get Ripped
For a lean muscle physique you need reduce your body fat percentage in order to reveal the ripped abdominals, biceps and triceps you’ve worked so hard for.
The best supplements to cut fat will help to reduce body fat and also help to reduce muscle loss – an unfortunate side effect – of a cutting cycle.

One of the most popular cutting steroids,especially among male and female bodybuilders and top athletes is Anavar (Oxandrolone). It’s actually a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotesterone (DHT) an androgen hormone.
Anavar is considered one of the less potent steroids and is commonly used as part of a cutting stack rather than a standalone product.
Although Anavar side effects are considered mild compared to other Class 1 anabolic steroids, the product is stil hepatoxic. Long term use can lead to liver damage and hair loss.
This is the major downside of using steroids. They can produce fast results but at the cost of endangering your health.

Also known as Clen, this popular cutting supplement is not a steroid but a stimulant. Very popular among competitive bodybuilders who need to shred fat before an event.
Clenbuterol ‘s thermogenic properties increase the body’s internal core temperature. This has the effect boosting energy levels so more calories are burned.
Clen is often used as a fat burner, however long term use can lead to a number of side effects including increased blood pressure, the shakes, insomnia and headaches.
Fortunately, there are safer cutting supplements that use natural ingredients. For more details click here.​

Capsaicin is a natural chemical that’s contained in chilli peppers and its what gives the chilli its hot taste.
A number of studies revealed that ​taking capsaicin as part of a weight loss diet may help to reduce weight. Apparently, fat burning supplements containing capsaicin can help stimulate the body to increase its rate metabolism.
As well as fat burning potential, ​a recent studyfound that capsaicin may also fight on another front with its appetite suppressing properties by making you feel less hungry.