The garden of Yellow Mill is open to the public few days per month from April to October and only during events. 

Opening days should be April 22 and 23, May 13 and 14, June 3 and 4, June 24 and 25, July 22 and 23, August 26 and 27, September 16 and 17 and October 7. These dates can always be due to changes. Please check in advance the exact dates, themes and book your tickets on line. It is possible to buy vouchers valid for one of the event of the next season

A place to let yourself dream!

Moulin Jaune is a laboratory: a place saturated with creativity, eternally changing, each moment full with yearning for creativity. Here, no project is ever truly over and no experiment can be deemed a failure.

His owner and artistic director, Slava Polunin, is a clown, president of the International Academy of Fools,  official Ambassador of H.C.Andersen, and creator of 30-year touring Slava’s Snowshow. At the Moulin Jaune, Slava invites multi-disciplinary artists and artisans to create an adventure where nature, creativity and everyday life are weaved together into joyful festive and wonderful living.

The house, the garden and every single day at this ancient watermill are filled with theatrical happenings and celebration of spectacle and imagination. In the colourful gardens around the Mill one will find enchanting fairy tales, outsider art and felliniesque circus.

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When and how can I visit?

The garden of Moulin Jaune only opens to the public on some occasions , one or 2 weekends per month between April and October. To get updated about our events, workshops and pricing, subscribe to our newsletter using the form below or follow us on facebook or instagram.

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About Moulin Jaune

  • Le Jardin-Théâtre

    It's a creative lab and a parc that consists of several gardens, each one is also a scene and a stage for artist interventions.

  • Theatre Home

    In a home that is also a theatre every room has its own universe, span by Slava's travels and imagination.

  • Theatre Life

    Slava creates at the Moulin, like a stage spectacle, the art of living that is joyful and and theatrical at the same time.

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