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Alchemy of snowness

Alchemy of Snowness is the story of Slava Polunin, an artist, a creator, a performer, and of his Snowshow, the theatre spectacle that has entertained, enchanted and touched audiences worldwide. The book traces Slava’s artistic journey and exhilarating exploration in his creation of “a show that would bring us back to our childhood dreams; ashow which would help spectators be released from the jail of adulthood and rediscover their forgotten childhood.” With 27 stunning illustrations throughout by artist Quint Buchholz punctuating Slava’s poetic storytelling, this book is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the creative process and for those longing for a little magic in their lives.

Slava Polunin is a Russian performance artist and clown. He began his creative career in pantomime before progressing to clowning. His character Asisyai first appeared on television in 1980-81. Drawing on elements of Leonid Engibarov’s clownery, Marcel Marceau’s pantomime and Charlie Chaplin’s films, Slava’s Asisyai gave the world a new dialogue on love, loneliness and the longing for human understanding. Slava’s Snowshow has been a hit around the world and won the Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event. Natasha Tabachnikova, an acclaimed theatre critic, has published a large body of articles on street theatre, plastic theatre and the art of clownery as well as on the theory of theatre and drama. She has been working with Slava Polunin for 30 years as executive producer and press secretary.

Publisher Wilkinson Publishing
Language ‏English
Hardcover, ‎180 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ 978-1925265927
Item Weight ‏ 0,62 kg
Dimensions ‏ 152 x 22 x 209 mm

Price 40 euros

Slava’s SnowShow album

For 25 years thousands of photographers have been taking photos of the SnowShow. This album is a collection of the best images of this show since its creation.

Each step from one page to another was carefully thought through by Slava Polunin and a wonderful design artist – Mikhail Anikst. They are like directors on paper, they guide us and navigate our attention.

There are also Slava Polunin’s thoughts on the art of clowning. There are some single quotes, almost aphorisms, uttered, written or accidentally said by Slava which were carefully collected and kept for years by his co-authour Natasha Tabachnikova. Finally, thanks to this book, this treasure box is open and Slava’s intimate, neat and infinitely important thoughts fill these pages.

Publisher Academy of fools
Language ‏English, Russian
Hardcover, ‎152 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ 978-5904584306
Item Weight ‏ 1,36 kg
Dimensions ‏ 310 x 250 x 248 mm

Price 55 euros

Grandma’s book

Once on the Yellow Mill of Slava Polunin artists Vadim Vasilyev and Elena Lukovnikova have created in a single instance a surprising handmade book, where real lace become part of the refined graphics.  Later designer Mikhail Anikst made voluminous lace on paper. So was born «Grandmother’s Book», a book that without words tells about the most important, lace book about love and quiet home happiness. Bibliographic rarity. Amazing gift.


Once upon a time, near Paris, there was a grandmother at the Yellow Mill. My grandmother loved my grandfather and lace. And my grandfather loved to sit by the river, to admire the reflection of the moon in the water. And he loved to fish. And he loved my grandmother. The lace of memories, taken from the trunks of oblivion, fills the room as if framing the blue-white world of their happiness.  Time passes, entangled in lace patterns. Time recedes before the exquisite patterns of their lives. Time has no hold on them, covered in lace love.

Publisher Academy of fools
Language ‏English, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese
Hardcover, ‎68 pages
Item Weight ‏ 0,73 kg
Dimensions ‏ 290 x 14 x 250 sm

The book is available in two versions :
Fully printed version with hard cover — 80 euros
Or the version where the cover is lace (luxury edition) — 200 euros

187 books

every fool should read

The book by one of the world’s most renowned clowns, Slava Polunin, and his co-author, theater expert Natasha Tabachnikova, is unlike any ordinary book. This is because within it lies an entire ocean of books, created by humanity. Navigating through it can be a pleasure, but only if you possess good navigation skills or have an experienced pilot. Throughout their lives, the authors have not only collected books but also their impressions of them. Now, they have decided to try being pilots on this ship, embarking on a very special journey.

This book is a guide to the world of those who love laughter and celebration. Those who consider foolishness as innocence, those who are sure that the glass is half full, not half empty. It turns out these folks have a multitude of relatives—in folklore, high literature, various philosophical teachings, religions, and ethnicities. Among them are the wise and the naive, the cheerful and the romantic, the mad, the wise, the lazy, heroes, and fools. They all jostle on these pages, pushing to be the first to catch your eye. They all await that moment when you find a minute to sit in a cozy armchair under a lampshade, wrap your legs in a warm blanket, place a cup of fragrant tea nearby, and traditionally open a paper book…

This book can be found exclusively in Russia, stocked at the bookshops Ozon and Podpisnie izdania.

Publisher EKSMO Bombora
Language ‏Russian
Hardcover, 432 pages
ISBN-13 ‏978-5041115562
Item Weight ‏ 0,65 kg
Dimensions ‏ 244x 165 x 27 mm


Moulin Jaune postcards

Set of 8 postcards featuring images of the garden of Moulin Jaune, the creative laboratory of clown Slava – a garden-theater celebrating a joyful and poetic art of living where nature, artistic creation, and everyday life intertwine…

Price – 10 euros

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