Back to childhood on May 8 & 9

mai, 2021

sam08mai(mai 8)11:00dim09(mai 9)18:30Back to childhood on May 8 & 911:00 - 18:30 (9)

Détails de l'événement

Moulin Jaune opens its doors on May 8 & 9 to children aged 0 to 99 years old for a week end of lazy walks and dynamic outdoor games.
We are proposing a game whose rules are the following:
Rule # 1: follow the rules
Rule # 2: Adults look like children in behavior, outfit, or hairstyle. The children play at being the heads of the family and all the former adults follow them!
Rule # 3: Each family chooses a bright color that will be that of the outfits of their whole family or team and that will also be that of the picnic (tablecloths, plates and also food …) if they bring one. All colors of the rainbow are possible (blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink or turquoise).
Rule # 4: Each family or team receives a gift at the entrance if they bring games or musical instruments: skipping rope, set of croquets, slackline, badminton rackets, jokari or guitar … The team with the most gifts during the day wins a surprise prize!
Rule # 5: Make amazing teams: the authors of the most unexpected outfits receive invitations for upcoming events.
And the rule of the game also includes respect for health instructions of course!
The opening of the garden for walks and picnics is for the moment possible according to the health instructions in force in the parks and gardens at the time of the event. Picnics are welcome, whether the Moulin’s bars are open or not. If the applicable rules change, tickets that could not be used due to government measures may be postponed to another date.
To get prepared, review the photos and videos of previous events and our pinterest board.



8 (Samedi) 11:00 - 9 (Dimanche) 18:30

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