Open windows days on April 17 & 18

avril, 2021

sam17avr(avr 17)11:00dim18(avr 18)18:30Open windows days on April 17 & 1811:00 - 18:30 (18)

Détails de l'événement

Moulin Jaune opens its doors and windows on April 17 & 18 in a stunning gown of pink petals of sakura, magnolia and the first peonies.

Following the measures taken by the French Government on March 31, 2021, the opening remains scheduled for the people living within 10 kilometers around Crécy-la-Chapelle. Tickets that could not be used due to new government measures may be postponed to another date or refunded depending on the situation.

Openings will depend on the sanitary rules at the date of the event

Sometimes our life is interrupted by winter, both literally and figuratively. It seems that it will never end, it keeps getting colder, it seems it can’t possibly get any worse. The optimists would say, of course it can… But suddenly, for no apparent reason, someone knocks at the window – you open it and suddenly spring rushes into the room uncontrollably, grabs you and snatches you out of the house into the sunlight. Nature will scoop you up, hold you tight and carry you away – just hold on!
The Miracle Garden of the Moulin Jaune is awake and dressed in pink sakura and magnolia petals and the first peonies. The garden can’t wait to see its friends again! The soft green grass tickles the bellies of hedgehogs and rabbits. If you follow the white rabbit, among strange gardens and fantastic buildings you can find yourself in a clearing to share a kettle of wine with friends by an overturned ship whose anchor is flying into the sky and is caught in the clouds. Then you will know that it was not in vain that you opened the window on spring today.
Don’t look for the celebration – bring it with you. Become part of spring – transform yourself and come dressed in magnificent pink just like the garden. Wait! We almost forgot. Don’t forget the mask, the pinker and flowerier – the better. Surprise us! The creators of the best costumes will be invited to future events. Prepare a basket for the first picnic of the season and don’t forget a flowery tablecloth.
Find yourself in front of the Moulin Jaune gate, open the window and fly in. Careful: don’t let you beak get caught in the curtains.


17 (Samedi) 11:00 - 18 (Dimanche) 18:30

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